Mind the gap! Building the evidence base for co-producing evidence synthesis

Date & Time
Monday, September 4, 2023, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location Name
Session Type
Special Session

Cochrane is committed to the co-production of its evidence. The proposed Co-production Methods Group will support this by spearheading methods research to establish best practice; supporting the development and sharing of methods of co-production; sign-posting Cochrane Review authors to resources aimed at supporting best practice; maintaining and developing learning resources of learning resources; supporting learning and dissemination activities; and updating co-production guidance in Cochrane Handbooks.

This session is an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to examine the current state of evidence, listen to one another, identify gaps, evidence, information and practice and to determine the Cochrane Community’s priorities for future work to extend and improve the practice of co-production.


  • Bring together stakeholders in co-production and build a community of people with an interest in improving methods
  • Engage in a lively multi-stakeholder dialogue to understand and consider various perspectives on co-production
  • Describe the current state of co-production in evidence production in Cochrane
  • Explore the evidence base for co-production of evidence synthesis
  • Identify future priorities for the Co-production Methods Group

This interactive Special Session will bring together researchers, consumers and other stakeholders from the Cochrane Community and other Methods Groups, and partner organizations. The aims and objectives of the proposed Co-production Methods Group will be described and discussed. Participants will explore definitions of co-production and who the stakeholders are of systematic reviews and other forms of research. Researchers and consumers will share examples of methods research including the ACTIVE project, involvement in Living Systematic Reviews and rapid evidence production, and resources to support co-production. Presenters will describe current research, including the MuSE project. Participants will discuss organizational policy, and the nature and extent of co-production within Cochrane and the wider community, including the Cochrane Consumer Network, and consumer perspectives on current practice. Drawing on all of the preceding information and discussion, participants will identify and rank future priorities for the Co-production Methods Group.

Target audience: People with an interest in the methodology of stakeholder engagement and involvement

Format: Discussion