Rate and time to the publication of Latin American systematic reviews indexed in PROSPERO: A meta-epidemiological study.

Date & Time
Wednesday, September 6, 2023, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
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Communicating evidence including misinformation and research transparency
Burgos MA1, Oltra G1, Ivaldi D2, Escobar Liquitay C2, Garegnani L1
1Cochrane Argentina Instituto Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina
2Cochrane Argentina Instituto Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: The number of published systematic reviews is constantly increasing. However, it is known that there is a substantial disparity in the production of scientific knowledge, a low rate of publications in indexed journals, and research citations from low- and middle-income countries[1]. Some studies report the delay from the registration in the databases to its publication in an indexed journal, especially when the research is Latin American [4,5].
Objectives: The objective of this study is to estimate the percentage of systematic reviews of interventions registered in PROSPERO from Latin America and to evaluate the publication rate and the time from registration to publication in indexed journals.
Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study. We searched in PROSPERO. We included all systematic reviews registered in 2020. We assessed publication status of all included registers within 2 years after its indexation. Data extraction was performed by a reviewer and completely verified by a second reviewer. We extracted the following main characteristics from published systematic reviews: author, year, population, intervention, primary and secondary outcomes, institutional affiliation of the corresponding author, type of review (eg, living systematic review, rapid systematic review), and included study designs. The country of origin was linked in accordance with the organizational affiliation and the country of origin stated in the register. Time until publication was calculated as the difference between the date of registration in PROSPERO and the date of publication in databases and reported as quantitative in months.
Results: We will show the complete results at the London Colloquium.
Conclusions: We will show conclusions at the London Colloquium. Patient, public, and/or healthcare consumer involvement: None.