Consumer Involvement 101: producing Cochrane evidence with consumers

Session Type
Workshop - training
Patient or healthcare consumers involvement and shared decision making
Target audience
This workshop is for researchers and consumers who are interested in involving people in producing systematic reviews
Level of difficulty

Background: This workshop is for researchers and consumers who are interested in involving people in producing systematic reviews, and aims to address the questions that people have, share the different possible methods, explore the resources and support that are available. By the end of the session participants will understand where to start their involvement journeys. Cochrane is committed to the production of Cochrane Evidence with consumers in its new Consumer Engagement and Involvement Framework and by signing the Putting People first pledge to involve patients in health research. Currently perhaps 1 in 10 reviews have some form of consumer involvement in the authoring of reviews. Whilst most researchers and consumers support the principles of consumer involvement there is still much uncertainty about methods for involving people in reviews.
Objectives: Introduce and discuss the concept and principles of co-production Share examples and experiences of involvement and engagement from both researchers’ and consumers’ perspectives Introduce the ACTIVE framework for stakeholder engagement and involvement Identify barriers and enablers to engagement and involvement Describe the range of resources available to support co-production Consider the implications of the increasing priority given to involvement and engagement Introduce the principle of co-production and diversity and inclusion in our work
Description: The workshop will be an interactive and practical session with opportunities for group work and discussion. The first part of the session will be a discussion about the key principles of involvement, engagement and co-production. Presenters will be invited to share a number of short case studies of examples of involvement and co-production from both researchers’ and consumers’ perspectives. These will be followed by a Q&A session. Participants will be introduced to the ACTIVE framework including concepts of power sharing, involvement in the life-cycle of review production, and the extent and nature of involvement. In small groups, participants will explore the practicalities of involvement and co-production using the framework and case-studies as the basis for discussion. The session will conclude with signposting to resources to support involvement, a discussion about the future of co-production, identifying barriers and increasing diversity and inclusion in this work.