A hands-on introduction to NMAstudio: a web-application to produce and visualize network meta-analyses

Date & Time
Tuesday, September 5, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location Name
Session Type
Workshop - training
Network meta-analysis
Target audience
Cochrane authors, reviewers and editors, and more in general researchers and investigators interested in performing network meta-analysis.
Level of difficulty

Background: Evaluation of network meta-analysis (NMA) evidence can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when dealing with large networks of interventions. Despite the fact that NMAs are increasingly adopted to inform decision-making, the lack of user-friendly software is still limiting their usage to a restricted community of users.
Objectives: To present NMAstudio, a novel fully interactive web application that simplifies the NMA appraisal, while facilitating prompt production, interpretation and sharing of key NMA outputs.
Description: This workshop offers the opportunity for the first hands-on practice with NMAstudio. A dataset will be provided to the participants and will be used to demonstrate the available features of our tool. The participants will upload the data and interact directly with an NMA network diagram. By clicking one or more nodes-treatments or edges-comparisons, we will show how NMAstudio can assist the users in each of the fundamental steps of NMA. In particular, we will show how to produce customized outputs such as boxplots of effect modifiers to check transitivity; pairwise, NMA and bi-dimensional forest plots; league tables coloured by risk of bias or confidence ratings from the CINeMA framework; incoherence tests; ranking plots and more. Importantly, we will also illustrate how to generate an access token that can be used to save the project and share it publicly. Overall, this workshop is intended to demonstrate how NMAstudio can help investigators interested in conducting a network meta-analysis, by enhancing the NMA findings while assisting with the interpretation of results and evaluation of the modelling assumptions. Note: Participants should preferably bring their own laptop to the session and/or can share with other participants.

Metelli S1
1Université Paris Cité, Center of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics, Inserm, Paris, France