Cochrane Francophone Network - By Invitation Only

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023, 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
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Cochrane France has created a Cochrane Francophone Network in 2020. Members of Cochrane Belgium, Cochrane Canada - Francophone, Cochrane Cameroon and Cochrane Switzerland had participated in several online meetings. For this occasion, we would also like to involve the francophone members of Cochrane Skin, Cochrane PEC, Cochrane Cochrane lung cancer and Cochrane Musculoskeletal. The purpose of the meeting is to share information about training activities and projects that each group is developing in French and discuss about the ways we can work together to disseminate and participate in those activities. In this way, Cochrane evidence will be available in the French speaking countries. We have also proposed to develop this network, particularly to enhance Cochrane representation in Francophone Africa where evidence based activities are very limited.