Cochrane Rehabilitation Blogshot translation: a partnership model of evidence dissemination

Date & Time
Wednesday, September 6, 2023, 12:05 PM - 12:15 PM
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Session Type
Oral presentation
Engaging stakeholders and building partnerships
Oral session
Building partnerships and implementing evidence
Freitas M1, Santos R1, Arienti C2, Negrini S2, Bekkering G3, Giraldo-Prieto M4, Lugo-Agudelo L4, Casino G4, Li X5, Vaz Carneiro A6, Pillai MN7, Barth C8, Kiekens C9
1Cochrane Rehabilitation, Portugal
2Cochrane Rehabilitation, Italy
3Cochrane Belgium, Belgium
4Cochrane Iberoamerica, Colombia
5Cochrane China, China
6Cochrane Portugal, Portugal
7Cochrane Malaysia, Malaysia
8Cochrane Switzerland, Switzerland
9Cochrane Rehabilitation, Belgium / Italy

Background: Rehabilitation is a health strategy to enable people with disabilities to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological, and social functional levels. Cochrane Rehabilitation aims to ensure that all rehabilitation professionals apply Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, combining the best available evidence from high quality Cochrane systematic reviews, with their own clinical expertise and patients’ preferences. Cochrane Rehabilitation’s priority is to share high quality health information in multiple languages. The translated content is intended to reach rehabilitation professionals and students, researchers, patients and their families and health policy makers. Blogshots are images with key information from a single Cochrane review.
Objectives: The aim of this work is to present the collaborative model of Cochrane Rehabilitation’s blogshot translations and their dissemination.
Methods: The process of creating new translation partnerships starts with spontaneous requests from potential translation partners or with an initial contact by the Field Co-Director or Translation manager. For each language, we seek to involve the National Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and the local Cochrane Geographical Group (see table 1). These partnerships ensure the quality of translations and enable effective dissemination throughout local communities. The partnership continues with constant communication between translation managers and translation partners. Production times of each translation partner are respected as they are all volunteers and work as full-time clinicians, professors, and researchers.
Results: Until March 2023, Cochrane Rehabilitation has translated a total of 531 blogshots: 92 in Dutch, 87 in French, 80 in Italian, 74 in Spanish, 56 in Hungarian, 52 in Croatian, 23 in German, 20 in Serbian, 20 in Polish, 11 in Simplified Chinese, 9 in Japanese, 5 in Malay and 2 in Portuguese. Blogshot translations are available at the Cochrane Rehabilitation website, social media, newsletters and Cochrane archives on Tumblr.
Conclusions: Blogshot translations reach a huge number of scientists, rehabilitation professionals, consumers, and policy makers. Partnerships with national societies and Cochrane geographic groups ensure the quality of translations. The success of partnerships is due to close collaboration and clear communication. We aim to continue expanding this collaborative model to include more countries and to increase the dissemination of blogshots.

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