Full Name
John Carlisle
Job Title
NHS Consultant
Speaker Bio
I work at Torbay hospital, which is in Devon. I am 56 years old (survived, hurray!) My median life expectancy is about another 38 years.

I have sessions as an intensivist, anaesthetist and perioperative physician. My clinical work has led to my academic interests: long-term survival, including my own; perioperative probabilities of harm and benefit; cardiopulmonary exercise testing; evidence-based medicine including systematic reviews; and the detection of data fabrication and fraudulent research. I have published on these subjects in journal papers and book chapters. I have talked about these topics at meetings. I am an editor for the journal Anaesthesia, in which I wrote about fraud by Fujii and his co-author Saitoh. I have detected false data in many other papers, often after an Editor-in-Chief asked me to look at a submission or publication. Hedge fund managers and other investors have asked me to look at data published by companies they are interested in, whether to go long or short.
John Carlisle