Full Name
Cyril Labbé
Job Title
Univ. Grenoble Alpes
Speaker Bio
Cyril Labbé received a PhD in computer science (1999) and a MS in applied mathematics from University of Grenoble.
He is a tenured professor in computer science and co-PI of the ERC-Synergy "Nano Bubbles: How, how, when and why does science fail to correct itself?". He is at the head of the Information Systems research team (Sigma-team) at the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, France. His research interest (+100 publication entries) includes large scale data management and text analysis. His work on text—mining and automatic detection of bogus scientific paper, has led to retractions or withdrawals of more than hundred of computer science and bio-medical publications. For this work, he has been invited to many venues around the world and was honoured in the rank of Knight of the order of the french academic palms. He created the "scigen detection" and "seek&blastn" softwares, participated to the "Problematic Paper Screener" website and did also create Ike Antkare, a fictitious scientist, that had once (dixit Google Scholar) an astonishing h-index.
Cyril Labbé