Take a break

‘Take a break’ from the hustle and bustle of #CochraneLondon with some fun and social activities.

The ‘take a break’ section is part of a broader effort to create a conference experience that is both productive and enjoyable. “Cochrane recognizes that conferences can be busy and overwhelming at times. We want to ensure that Cochrane London attendees have the opportunity to prioritize their wellbeing while they are here while also engaging in some fun and social activities,” explains Sabrina Khamissa, event organizer.  “Some people take a break by connecting with others and some people need time to themselves - these activities will meet both of these needs!"


Prioritize your wellbeing and schedule in some time for self-care! Here are some of the activities planned:


Book Exchange

The Cochrane Book Club is setting up a table on Level 1 with free books! Browse the table, find your next favourite read, and chat with others!  You are also welcome to bring a book from home to pass on. There will be bookmarks available for you to write why you recommend the book.

Quiet corner

Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself to absorb the learning from the day. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some quiet time in Level 2.

Walks around the venue

Take a short walk around the venue or do the Anne Anderson Walk to see some of the city's most iconic landmarks.

Social event 

The evening social event will take place on Tuesday 5th September at the Natural History Museum. You can find full details here.

Library of People

The #CochraneLondon Library of People will be setting up on Level 1, Pickwick. It is an innovative addition to this year’s event, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage in conversations with human ‘books’ who have stories and life experiences to share. It is an informal and fun way to meet people and get new perspectives.

At the Library of People you can borrow people as open books, dipping into their stories and having conversations with them about parts that interest you. You will be able to engage with your book in small groups; have a conversation with them and ask questions. Each book will have a list of prompt questions you can ask to help you get started.

The Library of People ‘books’ are diverse, covering various nationalities, stages of career development, activities and roles, and personal interests.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to engage with a living book. No need to sign up, just come on the day. Members of The Cochrane Book Club will be your hosts.


There will be a variety of other networking sessions - find out more here