About us

Cochrane is a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers, and people interested in health. We produce ‘systematic reviews’ which bring together and summarize the best available evidence from research, to help inform decisions about health.

Cochrane is a not-for-profit organization with collaborators from more than 190 countries working together to produce credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest. Our work is recognized as representing an international gold standard for high quality, trusted information.

Organizing Committees

Cochrane London 2023 is hosted by Cochrane UK and supported by the following committees:

Local Organizing Committee
Lead the organization of the Colloquium. All other committees report back to the LOC.

Therese Docherty (Co-chair)
Martin Burton
Catherine Spencer
Katie Abbotts 

Gavin Adams   
Nick Goodhew    
Tracey Howe    
Sabrina Khamissa    
Indre Longmore    
Richard Morley    
Selena Ryan-Vig    
Marta Santos    
Caroline Windsor   

Scientific Advisory Board
Provide advice to the working committees and teams on the scientific content of the programme.

Martin Burton (Chair)
Su Golder
Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
Gillian Leng
Pisake Lumbiganon
Eva Madrid
Karla Soares-Weiser
Jimmy Volmink

Content Curation Team
Develop the non-submission content of the programme

Therese Docherty (Chair)
Martin Burton
Emma Carter
Sarah Chapman
Anne Eisinga
Selena Ryan-Vig
Marta Santos

Abstracts Committee
Manage the submission and reviewing process for oral presentations and poster abstracts.

Declan Devane (Co-chair)
Duduzile Ndwande (Co-chair)
Arnaldo Alves Da Silva
Kristoffer Andresen
Emma Axon
Rufin Assare
Joan Blakley 
Nikita Burke 
Martin Burton
Emma Carter
Sarah Chapman
Robert Dellavalle
Declan Devane
Therese Docherty
Liz Dooley
Jodie Doyle
Tiffany Duque
Anne Eisinga
Judith Fitzgerald
Ann Fonfa
Jonathan Fuchs
Su Golder
Rebecca Gould
Gillian Gyte
Peter Hennessey
Catherine Hofstetter
Anelisa Jaca
Vanessa Jordan
Laila Kalan
Katie LeBlanc
Simon Lewin
Nicole Loft
Vittoria Lutje
Hardeep Malhotra
Kavita Mandrelle
Sue Marcus
John Marshall
Virginia Minogue
Theresa Moore
Farid Najafi
Celeste Naude
Hariklia Nguyen
Joy Oliver
Neil O’Connell
Cheow Peng Ooi
Giordano Pérez-Gaxiola
Anna Prokop-Dorner
Pamela Rose
A.G Radhika
Rachel Richardson
Selena Ryan-Vig
KM Saif-Ur-Rahman
Marta Santos
Pankaj Shah
Amin Sharifan
Marian Showell
Nishi Singh
Nicole Skoetz
Doreen Stakor
Yemisi Takwoingi
Ivana Turudic
Robert Walton
Frank Wood
Joanna Zajac
Mingming Zhang
Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina

Workshops Committee
Manage the submission and reviewing process for workshop abstracts as well as scheduling.

Dario Sambunjak (Co-chair)
Katie Webster (Co-chair)
Nadia Bennett
Brian Devlin
Emma Doble
Netzahualpilli Delgado-Figueroa
Solange Durão
Emmanuel Effa
Ursula Griebler
Jackie Ho
Catherine Houghton
Steve McDonald
Bita Mesgarpour
Anna Noel Storr
Dónal O'Mathúna
Livia Puljak
Ingrid Arevalo Rodriguez
Selena Ryan-Vig
Dario Sambunjak
Anju Sinha
Areti Angeliki Veroniki
Katie Webster
Genna White
Jun Xia

Patients Included Advisory Board
Advise on all aspects of inclusion of consumers (patients, carers and the public) in the planning and delivery of the Colloquium, in accordance with the Patients Included Conference Charter. 

Sarah Chapman (Co-chair)
Richard Morley (Co-chair)
Brian Devlin
Ana Pizarro Nule
Heather Still
Janice Tufte

Consumer Stipend Committee
Manage the submission and reviewing process for funding applications for consumers (patients, carers and the public) wishing to attend the Colloquium.

Richard Morley (Chair)
Lydia Parsonson (Administrator)
Helen Bulbeck
Ndi Euphrasia Ebai-Atuh
Ana Pizarro Nule
Jack Nunn
Rachel Plachcinski
Maureen Smith

LMIC/UMIC Stipends Committee
Manage the submission and reviewing process for funding applications from people from Low – Middle and Upper Middle-Income countries (LMIC/ UMIC) wishing to attend the Colloquium.

Lydia Parsonson (Administrator)
Sabrina Khamissa (Administrator)
Netzahualpilli Delgado
Barbara Nußbaumer-Streit
Ana Pizarro

Communications, Branding and Marketing Team  
Responsible for communications, branding and the marketing of the event.

Katie Abbotts
Sabrina Khamissa
Selena Ryan-Vig
Muriah Umoquit