Would you like to sponsor or exhibit at the Colloquium?

If your organization would like to be a part of the London Cochrane Colloquium, please contact us or click on the image below to view the sponsorship and exhibition brochure.

Cochrane has strict rules on sponsorship. For example, our policy does not permit us to accept funding from conflicted sources, such as the pharmaceutical or medical device industry, or from organizations or individuals with vested interests in the results of Cochrane Reviews.

Organizations and industries that can sponsor or exhibit at the Colloquium have the advantage of showcasing their products and services to an international audience. If you represent or head any of the following types of organization, then we would welcome your sponsorship enquiries:

  • government or not-for-profit agency
  • health research organization
  • health sciences university
  • teaching institution related to health care
  • medical, nursing or allied health college or society
  • IT or software company
  • publishing house
  • health insurance agency

We also welcome sponsorship support from private citizens with an interest in improving health care.

The Colloquium is more than just a scientific conference: we provide training at basic and advanced levels; offer opportunities for scientific exchange and meetings; promote the highest quality research in support of evidence-informed health care; showcase new methods in evidence synthesis; and address globally important healthcare and policy questions.

As a sponsor with a presence at the Colloquium, you can reach a wide audience. Your logo and/or profile will appear in the event App and on slides, you can choose to exhibit in the communal meeting and poster area, and your organization will be recognized as a supporter of this great effort.

Why does the Colloquium need your support?

Budgets for the Colloquium are prepared to cover costs only. Expenses are largely met from registration fees because Cochrane policies prohibit funding from conflicted sources, such as the drug or medical device industry. Unfortunately, this results in high registration costs that can be a barrier to participation.

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