Poster guidance and templates

The Cochrane Colloquium introduces #BetterPoster templates to enhance accessibility for attendees

Poster sessions are a vital element of the Cochrane Colloquium, providing attendees with the opportunity to browse important projects and topics and engage with lead authors directly. However, creating a poster for a conference can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating – after all, you’re not necessarily a designer! This can be frustrating for attendees too, as rows of posters with extensive text can make it difficult to navigate efficiently, especially for attendees with accessibility needs. Additionally, many attendees may not have English as their native language, making the poster session even harder to navigate.

To address these challenges and increase accessibility, we are excited to offer Cochrane-branded #BetterPoster templates to those with an accepted poster presentation. These templates feature a decluttered design and present the main findings in plain English as the highlighted feature, making it easier for attendees to read and understand the posters.

To develop these templates, we partnered with leading researchers in this area to create Cochrane-branded #BetterPoster designs that draw from the latest evidence.

To make posters more accessible, recent research recommends:

  1. Big figures and text
  2. Less clutter
  3. Plain language
  4. Clear reading order
  5. Consider an online audio walkthrough accessible via a QR code and a human-readable link or a few handouts for people who can’t scan a QR code

We strongly encourage all poster presenters to try out this new format and hope it will provide benefits to you and the viewers:

Download the PowerPoint poster template.

Posters should be printed A0 size: 84.1cm (width) x 118.9cm (height) / 33.11 inches (width) x 46.81 inches (height).

Read an interview with the team who have created the #BetterPoster templates, to find out more about how they've developed them and why it matters.

More guidance about printing your poster will be available on this page soon.