Poster guidance and templates

If you’ve had a poster accepted for the 2023 Cochrane Colloquium, you can find all the information you need on this page:

Poster sessions

  • There will be many posters on display at the event, so the posters will be rotated daily. You will receive an email telling you which day your poster will be on display.
  • Please stand next to your poster during the breaks on the day yours is on display.

Poster dimensions

  • The posters must be displayed in PORTRAIT format (NOT landscape).
  • The size of the poster should be A0 - 84.1cm (width) x 118.9cm (length) or 33.11 inches (width) x 46.81 inches (length).
  • Please do not exceed these dimensions. Posters that do not fall within these size limitations cannot be posted. 

Poster templates, design guidance and restrictions

  • All text should be in English.
  • Please create posters that are as professional and visually appealing as possible, and use a font size that can be read from an arm’s length from the poster.
  • We have partnered with leading researchers in the area of accessibility to produce Cochrane Colloquium #BetterPoster templates. To make posters more accessible, recent research recommends:
    • Big figures and text
    • Less clutter
    • Plain language
    • Clear reading order
    • Consider an online audio walkthrough accessible via a QR code and a human-readable link or a few handouts for people who can’t scan a QR code.
  • We strongly encourage all poster presenters to try our new poster template: Download the PowerPoint #BetterPoster template. The templates draw on evidence and have been especially designed for this event to make it easier for attendees to read and understand the posters. We hope this new format brings benefits to presenters and viewers. Read an interview with the team who have created the #BetterPoster templates to find out more.
  • Please also check whether your organisation provides poster templates and has any brand guidelines that should be followed. If you are part of a Cochrane Group, you can find guidelines and resources within the PowerPoint #BetterPoster template.

Poster printing and transport

  • Posters MUST be printed prior to the event. You can bring it with you (as a hard copy) to the Colloquium or you can order your poster on this website for collection from the Colloquium venue on Monday 4 September. Please note that this is a third-party printing service, and Cochrane cannot accept any responsibility for posters printed and collected via this service.
  • There will be NO printing facilities available at the Colloquium venue.

Mounting and dismounting

  • Presenters are responsible for mounting and dismounting their posters. You can put your poster up from when registration opens at 07.30. Your poster must be in place by the start of the first coffee break at 10.30.
  • Posters should be attached to the poster boards with Velcro only, which will be provided to you.
  • Presenters should take down their posters by the end of the day that they are presenting. If posters aren’t collected by the end of your poster day of the Colloquium, they will be discarded.

Flyers and hand-outs

  • You are welcome to bring A4 copies of your poster with you to share with interested delegates.
  • We will not allow hand-outs or flyers to be left on the floor around the poster display.
  • We will not be providing envelopes or sticky tape for this purpose; the presenter must bring these themselves.


All posters will be located on Level 1 of the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact